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"Mud on your Face"

We were sitting at a red light the other day and I look over and see a man sweating like crazy walking down the sidewalk in business like clothing. He looked very red and very tired, but determined to get somewhere fast. Now the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is that this guy is weird and very strange with his soaked white collared shirt and dull dress shoes. I was sad to think that this man may be horribly wrong judged because what if this man is late to an interview and is stressed because he has lost everything and needs to bring in a pay check so that he can keep a roof over his children’s heads and food on their table. Maybe his wife can’t work because she is fighting a horrible fight of cancer and they can’t afford the medicine she needs. They don’t have a car because the bank collected it because they couldn’t pay their payment. All of a sudden this rushing, sweating, stressed man… doesn’t seem so weird anymore. My heart sinks with sadness that there are so many people judging this man from their air-conditioned car, probably making fun of him.

We then go to the store to grab a few groceries and you can hear a child screaming at the top of their lungs. It’s a toddler, probably around three to four years old. He is screaming throughout the entire store and he seems to just want to leave. We get into the checkout lane and people start scattering hoping this child doesn’t end up in their lane. You can see people staring and whispering and some are even rude and say things that the parents should be doing to this child. I lift the whispers and movement to see a dad trying to put the groceries up on the belt as fast as possible so that he can get his autistic son home where he won’t be so scared. Where the lights in the store won’t hurt his son’s eyes anymore and the people that are staring won’t frighten him anymore. The child starts hitting his own face to try and make himself feel better and I watch how blank everyone stares. Everyone staring will go home tonight and talk about this ill-mannered child and the poor parenting of this father. It is sad.

Chapter 9 in the book of John, in the bible, talks about the man that was born blind and was healed by Jesus. When questioned by neighbors the man said “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.” The bible goes on to reveal that Jesus is the light of the world and will bring sight to those that are blind. This is said many times.

The day I truly asked Jesus to come into my heart and take over my walk, I was no longer blind to these people. The man walking down the sidewalk. The father in the store. I see them with the love that my Father has instilled in me. I have rinsed the mud from my eyes and I see what is true in my life. There is so much to learn and so much to be weary of. I am finding the things that I found weird and “ugly” are not nearly as “ugly” as the “beauty” this world portrays. So many people walk, thinking they are seeing, but they are truly blind and in need of healing. God’s love has brought sight to my world and I am truly thankful and with the power of Jesus’ love inside, I will help as many people wipe the mud from their eyes, as I can. 

How are you? Are you still walking blind, or were you once blind and now you see?

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Time To Read

When do you like to read the Bible?  Are you the type that likes to get up first thing before the sun comes up to spend some time with the Lord?  Or maybe you like to wind down right before bed by reading the Bible and praying?  Perhaps you enjoy a mid-day break to focus on God? Sometimes work and school schedules can play a major role in when we have time to read the Bible.  Regardless of when, it's important to take time each and every day to spend some time reading and listening to God's…

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